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International Women Day Event


On 8th March’2013 – International Women Day, Ek Aur Prayaas along Magarpatta Township Development & Construction Company organized Conference for Women Safety in Pune. The theme of the event was importance of self-empowerment of women against the threat of physical / sexual assault.


The audience of over 250 women were been addressed by senior police inspector Bhanupratap Barge. The senior Cop discussed the immediate method which can be    (Senior Cop Bhanupratap Barge)                      applied during such unfortunate attack. Barge said there were always a gap between the police and ordinary citizens and such programmes helped to bridge that gap.

Contrary to popular belief, Barge claimed, crimes against women are not increasing. “Thanks to greater awareness, more people are coming forward to register complaints, which are leading to increasing numbers.

“Earlier women were reluctant to register cases, but now they come forward. We have started 1091, a dedicated helpline for crimes against women. Moreover we are conducting self-defense classes for women along with sensitizing the police,” he said.


Senior Cop Bhanu Pratap Barge, also provided following tip to the audience – “After the Delhi gang rape case, the Pune police prepared a series of tips on how women could make themselves safer. My first tip is that as far as possible women should take public transport when travelling in the city. If they are travelling by auto rickshaws, they should send its license plate number to a friend or relative as soon as they get in. Second, before going to parties, check how many of the people you personally know or are acquainted with. Be careful about going to parties where you do not know any of the people there.”

Barge added that women should also be wary of strangers who are trying to help them. He said such people can sometimes, in the guise of helping them, try to win a woman’s confidence and then take advantage of her “Whenever you see any incident of eve teasing, tell the police as soon as possible. Even if you do not wish to file a formal police complaint, dial 100. Whenever you are yourself at risk of being molested, you should make a hue and cry and raise an alarm.


 Shiv Singh                                       Senior Cop Barge                                                                   Niren Vyas

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