On 3rd February’ 2013, Transition Beyond twitter was organized in city of Pune, which was been attended by more than 60 social media active users, which strong urge to convert raw energy into meaningful conversion and positive change on the ground. The event was attended by not only netiezens of Pune, but also from other cities of Maharashtra; and also from walks and professions crossing across through gender and age equations.

The meeting at Pune of Transition Beyond Twitter was spearheaded by Mrs. Vintia Deshmukh (Journalist) and Mr. Rajindra Wajinwadkar (Director, MES), who shared their experience and expertise with the audience, looking forward to contribute to societal development.

Mrs. Deshmukh focused her interaction on effective usage of RTI and how RTI can be effective tool in the hand of citizens and pressurize the government from erring or expose the negligence/crime of administration. Mrs Deshmukh narrated various incidents, where by the effective use of RTI, the error of administration were exposed and with public pressure there had been more then one instance where establishment was forced to retract the erring decision. One of the highlight was discussion on case of synchronization of social media pressure along with usage of RTI in exposing illegal allotment of defense land to ex-President of India Smt. Patil

Mr. Wanjadwakar focused on the effective use of local activism for the bringing positive change in society, especially in rural areas. He narrated his personal experience and also talked about his organization on how small steps taken by individual at local level also leads to change in living of rural areas.

The highlight of the meeting was post lunch session, where the audience came forward to discuss the societal issues and what he or she thinks can be done to overcome or at least make an effort for minor change in the situation.  Where in we had discussion on various issues pertaining from “ to bring awareness of laws among people” to “organization of Surya namaskar at the various society – and popularizing it”, “drive to discourage hotels serving beef” the discussion was also on “local participation in women safety”, “creation of cell – to channelize RTI”, the main thrust was in constant local level engagement among citizens to contribute in the various work in relation to social development by the professionals and experts who are active in the social media.


Few Suggestions that came in

  1. Sejal Wagmare (@keyasmama) – Week-end meets & creates a big group in Pune as it is a relatively smaller city.
  2. @McAfee_cybermum – Help group for Parents to restrict the children from free access to cyber world
  3. Rajin Deshpande (@adshpa) – Twitter is a small medium, so to increase the reach need to spreading education through websites in the society.
  4. Hardik Bora (@hardikbora) – Connect to the rural people and educate them about the bad schemes of Government and create awareness.
  5. Mander Kulkarni – People should be aware about the Law.
  6. Anirudh Limaye – Independent News Channel.
  7. Chittranjan – Challenizing RTI


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