We at EK Aur Prayaas are FLAGGING of the Volunteer work of Maharashtra Drought from 03rd May’ 2013. The volunteering work, shall be for minimum 3 days, and maximum, as much the volunteers wants to offer his/her “shram daan” to the village/district of his/her choice. The volunteer ship program aims at providing platform for real ground level social work for enthusiast individuals. There by an attempt to reduce the disconnect between realities of urban areas and rural areas.

1st Batch of Volunteers shall be leaving for Beed from Mumbai on 10th May’ 2013

The work is already going on following districts and you can join us, at any place mentioned below : –

  1. Jalna
  2. Aurangabad
  3. Beed
  4. Jalgaon
  5. Solapur
  6. Satara
  7. Ahmednagar
  8. Sangli

Scope of Work

  1. Food distribution
  2. Animal Feeding (Cattles and other animals included)
  3. Water Storage facility
  4. Water distribution
  5. Cattle shed maintenance
  6. Residential Student camps (assisting in studies / Exams)

The JanKanlyan Samiti will take care of the Boarding and Lodging (Food and Stay, till the time of volunteering). The volunteers will have to make arrangement to visit at the place, Ek Aur Prayaas and JanKalyan Samiti will provide complete and best possible itinerary guide to reach the spot, shall also guide in choosing the village/district if need be.  Also the students (college/school)  who would want to join the volunteering camp will be provided certificate of recognition in social service.

The interested volunteers are requested to mail at info@ekaurprayaas.org, with following information – a.) Name , b.) Contact details (phone n email id), c.) Address, d.) No. of days for volunteership, e.) Start date, f.) Village or district where to work.

Kindly intimate your visit in advance, so as to organise your stay and food in the place of your voluntary work. Also detailed guidance can be provided on how to reach at the destination.

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