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Ek Aur Prayaas has tied up with LEAP Foundation to empower the inhabitants of UTTARAKHAND. The idea of this project is to ensure, that opportunity and assistance is provided to the inhabitants to restart their life, and be financially independent once more

It is about time to contribute in the change and participate in helping our country men who r passing through worst ordeals of their life. The help / monetary assistance is routed to LEAP Foundation, who with its volunteers at the ground, at Uttarakhand are helping people in rehabilitation. We are just attempting to share their huge monetary burden by contributing from our side, for this great initiative.


The hills of Uttarakhand have seen the worst possible. Our Armed Forces have done a doing a phenomenal job of rescuing people and the Government(s) and many Organisations are doing whatever they can.

We have been concerned with the Rehabilitation of the Local Survivors so that they can live after having survived!

A big effort is required to rehabilitate the local survivors so that they can continue to have livelihood, jobs, homes, education, health etc in the new dispensation where –

the lifeline of religious tourism is unlikely to resume for some years
there are no roads in major areas
hundreds of villages are cut off from the mainland
loss of men/women has left thousands of families without the bread-winner
infrastructure destruction has led to no access to education, healthcare, job-opportunities etc

The question is, will the local survivor be left to his fate? Or we can do something about it.

i) Make a Remittance of Rupees to –

LEAP FOUNDATIONHDFC BANK C/A : 02251450000518Branch 56, Rajpur Road, Dehra Dun 248 001, Uttarakhand, IndiaRTGS/NEFT/IFSC Code : HDFC0000225All contributions are eligible for exemption U/S 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

We have initiated a Program to deliver Direct Rehabilitation Benefits to the local Survivor, viz.

Livelihood/occupation eg., build a shop; buy stocks and fill up the shop shelves; give material like gas/stoves/utensils to run a tea/snack shop; set up a mini-dairy with cows/shed/feed
Accessibility = connect cut off villages by cable bridges so that men/material/animal is connected to the mainland and/or has easy access
Homes = build a home; repair a home; build a community shelter
Education = adopt schools; build facilities; sponsor
Healthcare = get our Doctor friends to move to the hills to conduct relief camps

The Strategy

1. We are identifying the beneficiaries/schemes ourselves and through our network of associates and friends etc in the affected areas

2. These beneficiaries shall all be deserving ie marginalized and needing help; and may not necessarily be the `most deserving’

3. Our emphasis being to ensure Direct Rehabilitation and Benefit to the Survivors; perhaps not to very many; but deep, direct, focused and sustained to provide a proper life to whoever we can

4. We are committed to –

Absorb any and all administrative costs
Use our network/goodwill to buy things at the most economic rates
Making sure that the help given is genuine and impacting
Ensure a more than 100% output from each Rupee raised
Maintain the highest standards of integrity and transparency in the conduct of this Program

5. Our website shall be updated regularly with –

Benefit and Rehabilitation Schemes
List the Contributions received = updated twice a week
Publish the expenditure made = updated twice a week
Give details of Beneficiaries = people, place, work etc = updated twice a week



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